Designing and building the mobile-focused real-time capacity management platform for restaurants.

UX and UI Design, Android apps development, Golang Development

Ressy is real time capacity management platform for services business. It allows merchants (restaurant owners) to push on demand discount deals to the users in real time and users can avail with their smart phones. Ressy got a funding of four hundred thousand dollars while having the product at a MVP level itself. The application from its beta stage itself maintained a huge interest with restaurant goers and restaurant owners. The users got upto 50% off on their meals and the owners got more people coming into their restaurants.

The Challenge

Koustubh and Sagar, founders of Ressy, while approaching us had a unique requirement at hand. They needed a real time restaurant deals discovery platform built end to end in a little more than couple of month's time. The idea part was clear with them and they needed a strong technical team with entrepreneurial mindset to build their idea.

  • Build the MVP (Minimum Viable Product)
  • Translate the business use case into technical spec
  • Decide which all element should go into the MVP
  • Design the architecture for the backend
  • Select the technology stack which should be used to deliver that truly real time experience for discovery of restaurant deals and which aids the fastest development
  • Build a merchant end app which could push deals real time.

Generating Solutions

Getting to the solution we had a very unique way which we followed. We first made sure we knew the idea and understood the offerings of the product.Then we had a look at the market leading apps in the same segment like OpenTable, HotelTonight, Zomato and TinyOwl to understand their design language and flow. The reference points we had for the product includes restaurant menu boards to discount pamphlets to restaurant interior designers to some of the latest research papers from profound universities in backend architecture and design.

Choosing the technology stack was crucial for us, specifically considering the domain of the app. Food tech is the hottest industry in India, and user adoption is quite rapid for these kinds of apps. Having minimum lags, fastest content delivery, ~100% uptime were the important facets of the backend technology. Golang being the most popular inside Betacraft, we thought, Golang based API server is going to be apt for this domain. We were right, we wrote the entire backend for User Application + Merchant Apps and a basic dashboard APIs in a month. We have attached the HTTP response time graph for Ressy API server, measured on NewRelic. The max mean API response time is 170 ms . This is using a micro instance on AWS (which costs $0.02 per Hour for on demand instance).

Mean Response Times

Memory Usage

The peak period for this app is usually 8 PM - 12 AM in the night. The usual throughput is 15 rps (as we are active in only one city, Pune). The mean response time is as following:

 Technology Stack

  • Android SDK

  • Go

  • MongoDB


  • AWS Elastic

  • Amazon RDS
    for PostgreSQL

  • AWS Elastic Load
    Balancing (ELB)

  • Android

  • Sublime


  • GitHub

  • New Relic

  • MongoLab

  • Docker

  • Sentry

  • CircleCI

  • Crashlytics

  • Gradle

  • Bugsnag

  • Slack

  • FreshDesk

  • Pivotal Tracker

  • Parse

The Product

The outcome of the 2 month long intensive designing and coding is a beautifully functional application which is used to deliver more than a thousand deals per day in Pune, a product which got funded in the MVP stage itself and featured in most start-up media as one of the most emerging products and a team which could scale the product to its next stage in a couple of months time. Ressy has moved to the next phase where they are looking at expanding into new markets and geographies and are expanding their product with us.

CTO and CoFounder of Ressy sharing his
experiences with BetaCraft

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