Designing and Building Android apps discovery platform.

UX and UI Design, Android app Development, Golang Development

Intel team came to us for building consumer centric app discovery platform for Android app users. Intel needed the application to be a gateway for all the X86 based android apps and had planned to have the application pre-installed in all of their X86 devices.


We had a week long design brainstorm as to which design philosophy should be followed for the application. For this we had a detailed study of user behaviour over several applications and had surveys to understand how users would want to seamlessly discover apps. We decided to go with material design language guidelines, which was launched a week back Google. We quickly adapted the new guidelines. We kept the blend of material design and Intel’s brand guidelines.


Intel’s application involved building an app search and app listing backend. It also involved presenting this information in an android application. We decided to use Ruby on Rails to build REST/JSON api backend. For the android application we decided to build native android application, taking advantage of native apis. We implemented app search on app indexing data from intel. We provided App Listing support on a minimal user identity system. Android application incorporated newly launched Material design patterns from Google. It also took care of graceful degradation and support features for lower versions of android. Rails application was deployed on intel’s private infrastructure with standard Rails stack.

Technology Stack

  • Postgres

  • Android

  • OpenCV

  • Ruby On Rails


  • Android Studio

  • Sublime


  • GitHub

  • CircleCI

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