Building a complete mobile platform for an on demand motorbike rentals start-up.

UI and UX design, Android App Development, Golang Development

iRYD is an on-demand two-wheeler rental service. It provides motorbikes for a very reasonable price which is delivered to your doorsteps once booking is confirmed. The co-founders, Yashvant, and Shashank understood that there was a great requirement for two wheeler rentals in the Indian market. They also found out that there was no organized market for it.

The Challenge

iRYD, when they came to us needed a challenging feat to be achieved in a very short amount of time of 8 weeks. They wanted to build a platform which would allow users to rent out motorbikes from an app. The platform required for three mobile applications developed, one backend server was written and a God's eye view (Admin Dashboard) to be complete before they go to market. Only if this was not enough work to be completed in 8 weeks of time with testing, we also had to bring in a lot of design iterations in it so that the finished app had the best of design philosophies like the material design.


While designing the applications we made sure the design strictly adhered to Material Design. We faced challenges in designing the client side apps to be clean and organic, as they were very intensive in terms of maps and GPS interactions. One other challenge was to make sure the memory usage by the app is minimized to allow for better battery life and to minimize lag. The God's eye view needed to contain all the information required and designing to make sure every single activity was easily available to the admin at all times.


There were a lot of factors to be considered while finalizing the technology stack for the product like the backend was written on Golang to make sure there were good response time and minimal requirement at the server end. We had started the backend development at the time of design finalization itself using the wireframes. The development was done keeping in mind "Agile Methodology" which we employ to all our development. This allows for speedy development and proper track of the time required for completion of the product. Testing of the apps was done using Test Object, simultaneously with development, so that we could make sure the app run seamlessly across platforms and devices, eliminating edge case issues on the fly.

 Technology Stack

  • Android SDK

  • Go

  • MongoDB


  • Invision

  • BaseCamp

  • Google

  • Android

  • Sublime


  • Slack

  • Docker

  • Pivotal Tracker

  • GitHub

  • Google Play Services

  • Mobikwik

  • MongoDB

  • AWS

Golang was used for writing the backend, AWS was used for servers, Android Studio for writing Android apps, MongoDB for database management, Docker for deployment, Mobikwik for payment gateway, Test Object, and Pivotal Tracker was used for testing and Google Play Services as third party plugins. We also used good no of tools for collaboration and efficiency like Sublime Text, Slack, BaseCamp, Google Drive, Invision.

Timeline For The Whole Project

In the end of 8 weeks worth of sprints, designs, development and testing is a product which is changing the way people travel in cities and organizing the fragmented two-wheeler rentals market. The service started its operation from Bangalore and is aiming at a global market.

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