We breath Android. And it has changed the way people communicate, work and practically do any other thing. It is, in fact, a mass enabler, and we at BetaCraft always strive to craft amazing stuff with Android.

We Customize Every Layer of Android

We figured that it is a terrible user experience that a user has to download and install a new app to start using it. And the reason why we built AppSurfer, a platform which would allow anyone to instantly use any Android apps without downloading or installing on the device.

AppSurfer is a custom Android x86, with some unique patches to the linux kernel, so that we can run it on any public cloud. We have an intelligent web layer, written in golang that orchestrates the pool of Android instances running in the cloud and allows client application (Android, iOS, Web apps) to connect. We stream all the events realtime to the remotely running Android, and bring back the latest screen to the client. Our strong tech behind it, allows us to run these remote applications at a whooping 25-30 FPS, even on a decent 3G data connection.

Twist is our effort to improve the TV viewing experience everyone has. The experience lacks immersive interaction. We think it could change and Android is the best way to do it. Twist revolutionises the way we interact with our TV. It brings in motion sensing and gesture recognition, using our smartphones, to provide the best in user experience. Twist is a custom Android x86 tool, with unique remote drivers that allows us to send Sensor data, Touch inputs from a remote client to the Android OS running inside the device. We have built some unique algorithms that run inside Twist as well as our Android/iOS apps, that uniquely maps the touch inputs, maps the sensor data considering the wide variety of the sensor hardwares in the market with different sensitivities.

Droidcon SF 2015

We presented at this year's Droidcon in San Francisco and it was great fun. We hung out with some of the best minds in the Android world, discussed a great deal about what the future of Android holds and introduced AppSurfer to the US audience.

Android Book

Android Book maintains the combined knowledge of the BetaCraft team which could be used as a reference by anyone.

Crafting Custom Apps

Every app we take up is an exciting experience and it adds value and knowledge to the entire team and the company. Our relentless strive for perfection in every app we build is simply a need which we feel towards mass enabling and empowerment.

Open Source Contributions

This is something we swear by and for good reason. Every time we face a major problem which is universal, we build or contribute a solution to it and share it with the open community so that everyone benefits from it.