Designing and Building product for Game developers to allow users to play for Cash instead of virtual goods.

UX and UI Design, Android and iOS SDK Development, Golang Development

Entrepreneur William Webb, a solo founder from Texas, needed to build a platform from scratch which would let users play skill based games online against other players real time and earn real cash.

Design Iteration

Designing for Jackpot involved end to end solution where we developed their branding guidelines to the layout and UI for the application. The application needed a deep understanding of the gaming psychology to develop and design the components. The references we had were some of the most famous gaming applications and games. We had a week long iteration to finalize with the design elements and flows.

Logo Design Iteration

Final Logo

SDK Design

Technology Used

The application required to accept different kinds of payments, accounts and remittances, thus the application needed to be robust in terms of system architecture, scalable and secure. Also it needed to be simple and modular in design to accommodate contest based jackpot and competitions.

Jackpot Rising involves native SDK for both iOS and Android, multiple web dashboards for users, developers and admin and REST back-end. We zeroed down on a Golang based monolithic web application providing REST API's to all the other platforms. Golang provided the simplicity, performance and scalability the application demanded. The real time data management and accounts management was made extremely simplified with the help of native concurrency primitives in the language itself. The standard golang web application provides future support to extend the application with auxiliary micro services.

Designing the SDK's were at the heart of product architecture. Since the product inherently has a scope of evolving, initial architecture is kept flexible. The SDK's support both iOS and Android making it interoperable and consistent across platform keeping the unique advantages of every platform intact. For every SDK, platform specific security guidelines and tools were used, especially related to local storage and cache mechanisms with application level security locks.

 Technology Stack

  • Android SDK

  • iOS

  • Angularjs

  • Go

  • Postgres


  • AWS Elastic

  • Amazon RDS
    for PostgreSQL

  • AWS Elastic Load
    Balancing (ELB)

  • Android

  • Xcode

  • Sublime


  • GitHub

  • New Relic

  • Docker

  • Sentry

  • CircleCI

  • Crashlytics

  • Gradle

  • Bugsnag

  • Slack

  • Pivotal Tracker

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