Designing and building for Hindu Group, their Real Estate Portal targeted towards Indian Market.

UX and UI Design, Android apps development

Hindu group approached us with a requirement of building an app for their Real Estate Portal. It would let the users to have a look into the listings for the local properties available for sale. This application which was meant to be in both the platform, android.

The Challenge

The app was required to be built in less than 8 weeks of time with an MVP done as well to show the viability of the product. One big problem which we faced was to accommodate the huge data which is usually associated with a property portal. Some of the other challenges which we set out to achieve were getting the lowest possible memory use by the app and lowering battery consumption. Designing the UI/UX of the app to get most engagement and longer app possession by the user.One additional feature the app has compared to its competition is the use of Hash Tags to find and accumulate properties depending upon location, pricing, type, etc.


The design was a crucial part of the app as the data available to be displayed to the user was huge. The designs were strictly done using material design. The designs were tested over days for usability by beta users and then finalized on the one now.


Working with Android SDK and having all the API endpoints available readily made the development virtually seamless. We were heavy on the tools usage and plugins to keep the app as fresh as possible. Github, Circle CI, Gradle, Slack, Pivotal Tracker, Realm and Google Analytics are some of the technologies which we used for the app developments. The codes were meticulously checked to make sure it was optimum and goes with the clean code philosophy which we follow strictly.


Testing the app rigorously is one thing we take very seriously and provide the stats to the user in regard with the same. We tested the UI/UX over different screen resolutions and colors. The app was also tested on multiple devices with Test Object to make sure it runs perfectly on all the devices.

The Product

The final built app is a great extension to the ecosystem of Hindu in Property listings and real estate. The app makes sure that the users have quick access to all the data which is available on the platform in this ever growing mobile users. The app is in its way to being ported to iOS as well for capturing all the apple users in the market as well. Coming from a prestigious stable, the app outperforms most of its rivals in terms of listings and niche.